Top Security Services In Chennai

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Team 1 Security

Top Security Services in Chennai

We are one of the best security guard agencies in Chennai

Team1security was built with a crucial element giving the best security guard services to the customers. Because of the unmistakable vital vision that we have, it has enabled us to deliver best security services in Chennai to our clients with a serious worldview.


Today, we are helped to remember the importance of recruiting an expert security services agency will provide protection against dangers, or threats of each of these topics.

Not individual should go out for a business or an opportunity and be confident that they have come home. Today's businesspeople are faced with maintaining a lucrative business as well as protecting their clients and workers. The Team1security security services company in Chennai works with contractors and opportunity coordinators to reduce the risk of hazards by developing a personalized backup plan for every imaginable situation. With fear on the rise, now like never, a total security plan is needed. These helpless occasions demand on the information, experience and capacity of one of the top security guard in Chennai.


Team 1 Security provide our Security Services in Chennai for Variant Sectors


We adopt a unique approach to guarding and incorporate the following principles in our day-to-day functioning.

Technical Survey
  • Map current safety processes
  • Gauge internal and external risks
  • Estimate the impact it could make on the business
Techno Commercial Proposal
  • Suggest new safety processes
  • Recommend optimum positioning of security personnel
Standing Instructions
  • Task allocation in line with the capabilities of the security personnel
  • Fire safety training
  • Reporting standards
  • Documentation
  • Professional code of conduct
Control & Supervision
  • Surprise Inspection
  • Daily and Weekly Reporting to Operations Team
  • Regular client feedbacks


What types of security guards can I hire?

It depends on your needs, in case you need it for the private reason, you can use private security watches, in case you need it for your office, at this point you can select some corporate security guards. Team1security offers you private, trained and unarmed guards, bouncers and security guards.

Do these security guards have a uniform?

All security officials wear a uniform provided by the organization that featured the organization's logo in the uniform

What is the cost of hiring security guards in Chennai?

The expense depends on the security organization, it moves from one office to another. Per day the costs start between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000.

What is your geographical service area?

Team1security offers general types of assistance, for example, security guards and security equipment establishments in Chennai. We recognize personal protection, tasks, including remote travel security, depending on the situation. We can venture out to meet approaching dignitaries, personalities or officials.

What type of training is offered for your security guards?

Security managers first move towards standard direction and then continue to explicitly prepare internally based on the official level of assertion organized by the customer. The security managers then go to the customer's site for explicit preparation of the work on site. Other preparation choices include CPR / first aid, AED, and different projects depending on the client's needs. Additional preparation topics may influence hourly rates.

Why are our security services better than others?

Team1security has over 20 long periods of involvement in the security industry. Our security officers are carefully selected and ready to put them in place to ensure the property and well-being of our customers. Many requests present in the vicinity are put in place to help them in a great dynamic. A predominant administrative framework and proactive frameworks help us verify and create predominant security officers.

Is it true that these are costs associated with an assessment of my security situation?

No. Team1security will give you a free and comprehensive overview of your security situation, and provide you with a point-by-point clarification of all your accessible alternatives and how Team1security can provide the best security services that meet your particular needs and your spending plan.

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