We adopt a unique approach to guarding and incorporate the following principles in our day-to-day functioning.

Technical Survey
  • Map current safety processes
  • Gauge internal and external risks
  • Estimate the impact it could make on the business
Techno Commercial Proposal
  • Suggest new safety processes
  • Recommend optimum positioning of security personnel
Standing Instructions
  • Task allocation in line with the capabilities of the security personnel
  • Fire safety training
  • Reporting standards
  • Documentation
  • Professional code of conduct
Control & Supervision
  • Surprise Inspection
  • Daily and Weekly Reporting to Operations Team
  • Regular client feedbacks


We at Team1 Security believe that round the clock surveillance is essential in order to ensure that our clients are 100% protected. We follow a systematic approach to managing our services so as to provide our customers with an added layer of security.

We achieve round the clock surveillance by :
  • Employing a dedicated operations team whose job is to ascertain that there are zero vacancies on ground
  • Implementing night surveillance and surprise inspections conducted by a specialized Vigilance Squad
  • Putting in place a dedicated quality team that supervises discrepancy reports and takes corrective measures on a daily basis.


Our comprehensive security services are aimed at providing 360-degree protection to the customers by enabling them to foresee potential security threats and plan a suitable response to prevent an undesired security pitfall. To achieve this, we conduct a security survey of the customer’s business and the venue that needs to be protected.

The security survey encompasses the following :
  • Detailed analysis of external and internal risk factors
  • Determining the key threats and vulnerabilities that might have a negative impact
  • Assessment of the prevailing safety systems and procedures
  • Suggestions offered on improvising the security processes and mitigating potential risks.

Subsequently, we devise a policy document in line with the unique requirements of the customer. It serves as the foundation for the operating procedures to be followed. It highlights the following key facets:

  • Security policies that the organization must adhere to
  • Security team size and strategic positioning
  • Duties assigned to security officers
  • Installation of CCTV cameras and alarm systems at suitable places for continuous monitoring

A sound security policy plays a significant role in determining whether or not an organization can take off on the path of achieving complete protection for its customers. It ensures that all the necessary checks are in place and the system is fool proof bringing down the level of discrepancies.


We live by the principle ‘Customer is the king’ and incorporate this philosophy in all our service endeavors. We engage with our customers and obtain their feedback on a monthly basis. Their feedback helps in improving our services and taking corrective action wherever necessary.

Customers provide a rating on the following criteria :
  • Capabilities and efficiency of the security guards and officers
  • Quality of operations
  • Effectiveness of the administrative team
  • Action taken upon the previous customer feedback

By offering them an opportunity to voice out their suggestions, we ensure that our customers are actively involved in the security services program right from the operations to the feedback sessions.



We follow a stringent hiring process in order to be source the best talent for our customer’s unique security needs. Highly qualified and experienced staff is the trademark of our security services and the secret behind it is a full-proof hiring mechanism.

Before recruiting security personnel, the following steps are mandatory:

  • Face-to-face interview
  • Verification of original documents
  • Assessment of ID proofs
  • Fingerprint and Identification Marks Recording
  • A comprehensive background check
  • Police verification of the individual’s authenticity

We believe that a talented workforce forms the pillar of an organization’s success. Therefore, we take serious steps to employ the right candidate who can serve our customers to their satisfaction and fits well with our goals of high-quality security service delivery.


Initially, at the time of joining, our security staff is trained under experienced trainers with years of military background. The training process continues even after they are posted to their respective roles. Regular training sessions are conducted at intervals of three months at the work locations. This on-going training program ensures that the security staff is updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques in the industry.

The training encompasses the following areas :

  • Fundamentals of disaster management and security principles
  • Rigorous Physical Training sessions
  • Introduction to First Aid, Fire-Fighting and Security
  • Patrolling
  • Register Maintenance
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